All Children Academics is the private school in the Bay Area for children with academic and social learning differences. Our private transitional kindergarten through 5th grade program provides a multi-disciplinary education, targeting academic and social achievement. Our education specialists and therapists collaborate through occupational and music therapy, social thinking, and academic creativity. All Children Academics’ personalized approach involves family collaboration, social events, and parent support groups. Our beautiful schoolhouse feels like a home, where kids naturally feel comfortable and safe.

All Children Academics believes early intervention is the key to success. Our transitional kindergarten through 5th grade classes target sensory regulation, social thinking, and academic advancement for both struggling and gifted learners.

Our Mission

All Children Academics believes that the success of a child relies heavily on early intervention and collaboration with a child's support system. All Children Academics believes in promoting self-esteem, building upon our students’ strengths, and creating personal relationships with our families. All Children Academics prides itself on its team of special educators who are always working to be updated on the newest and best trainings and curriculums. Our honest, personal education shows in the success of our students.