All Children Academics provides a comprehensive education that addresses the whole child. We believe a private education should provide each child with the resources they need to foster a successful academic and social experience. All Children Academics nurtures a child’s emotional and social development, and academic curiosity. Our small class sizes allow our educators the flexibility to differentiate to your child’s learning style. Our intimate campus and beautiful school house, provides a safe place that feels like a home, where kids naturally feel comfortable. Our multi-age classrooms target sensory regulation, social thinking, and academic advancement. All Children Academics accepts 25 students a year across transitional Kindergarten-5th grade.

Our Mission

All Children Academics believes in nurturing each child’s distinct interests and abilities, while instilling values of self-discipline and self-advocacy. Our personal approach to education targets each child’s unique needs, working to meet individual goals, as well as grade level content standards. All Children Academics uses each child’s personal interests to produce meaningful authentic projects; through community engagement, discovery, small group instruction, and interactions with the environment.