Education for High Functioning Children

All Children Academics is designed as a safe place where high functioning children learn social, emotional, and academic skills in a small group setting.  All Children Academics serves a specific and unique child who benefits from an individualized social, emotional and academic program. 

All Children Academics works with high functioning children who struggle with navigating the social world, have difficulty maintaining friendships, sensory processing disorders, suffer from anxiety, have language delays, academic challenges, and are high functioning on the Autism Spectrum.

We design individualized programs for each student and carefully create groups that benefit students learning styles and friendship making skills.

All Children Academics School for High Functioning Children with Special Needs
Children with high functioning needs benefit greatly from our programs and receive that boost they need to be successful in a general education setting.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable place where a student is understood by their  teachers, and their teachers are able to instruct them in a creative innovative way.


“At All Children Academics I feel supported, respected and understood & I think my daughter feels the same way as she now has increased confidence and a love of learning. Shana has been a blessing in our lives. I highly encourage families in need to become involved in her program. ”
“The program is very child centered and my son comes home and takes a nap everyday.  I can tell he has been learning and working hard.  My husband and I highly recommend All Children Academics.  For the first time our son wants to go to school, has friends, and even tells us about his day.”
“Our son attended a very well know start-up school in San Francisco & because of his learning differences he was 18 months behind grade level. One year with Shana & he is now accelerating through the curriculum & is advanced in some areas. If your 2E child needs help, this is the place.”

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