Instruction Specially Designed for your Child

Dedicated to serving children with special educational needs, our two Marin schools provide tailored support to neurodiverse students who may be struggling socially, emotionally, or academically. We foster holistic development and empower our students to reach their full potential.

Now Enrolling Middle School Students, 6th-8th Grade In Our Two Marin County Locations

Our new middle school is now open! Enroll your child today for an individualized education. Join the community that celebrates every child's success!

Discover a unique place for your child's social & academic development

At All Children Academics, we understand that as a parent of a child with special educational needs, you may have concerns about their ability to navigate the social world and succeed academically. That’s why we’re here, to offer personalized support and guidance to your child at this important stage in their development.

Our specialized services, including social skills training, academic support, and personalized educational plans, are designed to empower your child & help them thrive.

We provide a safe environment for children to acquire social, emotional, & academic competencies through personalized programs in a small group format. Our services cater to a distinct and exceptional group of children who require a level of individualized attention that the public school system is unable to provide.

Children with special educational needs benefit greatly from our programs and receive that boost they need to be successful in a general education setting. We design individualized programs for each student and carefully create groups that benefit students learning styles and friendship making skills.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable place where a student is understood by their teachers, and their teachers are able to instruct them in creative & innovative ways.

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