Building Foundations for Success in TK & K

Our youngest classroom serves eight to ten students. Our educational practices encompass a variety of math and language arts curriculum differentiated to meet your child's learning style. An extra emphasis is placed on self-regulation, expressive language, and fine-motor skills.

Education for your early learner with special needs

Our youngest students build a solid foundation of social skills, and social and emotional development, through combined approaches of: Floor-Time (DIR), Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Social Thinking/Pragmatics and Mindfulness. Purposefully engaging and educating our students on the importance of communication (verbal and non-verbal), two-way communication, self-regulation, thinking about others, and engaging with those around you.

Our TK/K classroom engages in the GLAD teaching model. “Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD), is specifically designed to develop academic English, building the vocabulary and linguistic structures that students must use to participate in context-rich discourse.” Through this model students drive the topic choice, and teachers engage them in rich, hands-on learning, in the areas of science and social studies.

We follow the California academic content standards for each grade, differentiating to meet your child where they are at, and advancing from that point. We use a variety of curriculums, teaching styles, and a kinesthetic approach to teach to each individual child.

Our innovative curriculum provides social thinking opportunities, behavioral support systems, sensory integration, fine and gross motor benefit, language acquisition and extracurricular fun!

Special Education Schools in Marin
Special Education Schools in Marin
Special Education Schools in Marin