Academics Program

All Children Academics serves a specific and unique child who benefits from an individualized social, emotional, and academic program. Our goal is to provide a comfortable place where a student is understood by their  teachers, and their teachers are able to instruct them in a creative innovative way. 

All Children Academics is successful due to our strong parent-teacher community. All Children Academics works closely and directly with parents to create individualized plans for each child.

Our director heads your child’s team of service providers, therapists, and members from your school district.

There are many opportunities for families to come together during monthly family social events, school-wide play dates and parent teacher conferences.


Going beyond the ordinary curriculum

In addition to our core curriculum we offer a number of extracurriculars that benefit our students.

Both services are offered on ACA’s campus for an additional fee. We work with contractors who can treat your child on site, or you are welcome to have your therapist come onto our campus.

Our social skills experts work with students individually, as well as in designed groups, to target specific areas of social thinking. All Children Academics follows the framework and curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner to improve students’ social skills abilities. Additional curriculums include The Zones of Regulation, Kimochis and Superflex.

All Children Academics is delighted to offer our students the expertise of the talented music instructor Josh McIntosh. Josh works with students to develop not only musical skills but address their social and emotional development. Music sessions support students’ creativity, self-expression and self-empowerment.

Yoga is a natural way to exercise with children. It helps them relax, focus and develop body awareness and motor planning skills, while strengthening the connection between their bodies, minds and spirits. Yoga is an effective intervention for children with sensory, anxiety, and self regulation needs .

Cooking and gardening is a basic skill for daily living. In addition to learning a valuable life skill, children develop social skills, executive functioning, time management, while giving them a sense of accomplishment. All Children Academics grows a rich outdoor garden, which is dependent on the nurturing of our students.

Our school cares for many animals on our property. Most popular are our four chickens, “the ladies.” Students are responsible for feeding, cleaning, and caring for the chickens, fish, turtles, and geckos.

Students engage in weekly structured PE classes, in which gross motors goals, and social skills are incorporated. Student interests drive the activities, and team collaboration is a high focus.