A unique approach to Middle School in Marin

Our brand new Middle School is a beacon of inclusive education where every child's unique abilities are allowed to shine. Step into a world where diversity is celebrated, and success is measured by the progress of each student, creating a foundation for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Our Middle School Program Tailored for Students with Learning Differences

Our students showcase both academic and social potential, but traditional large public middle schools might prove overwhelming, and specialized education classes can feel too confining. Our students often grapple with learning differences, anxiety, or attention deficit disorders, requiring an environment that caters to their unique needs.

Whether it’s additional time for language processing or fostering an atmosphere that cultivates self-esteem, our students thrive in a space designed for their individual growth.

Within our supportive environment, they experience a reduction in social and learning anxiety, develop essential independent work skills, and find encouragement from educators dedicated to teaching in alignment with their motivators and interests.

Personalized Learning & Growth Skills

Each child is taught through multiple modalities, and an extra emphasis is placed on executive functioning skills, organization and time management.

Project Based Learning

Learning is geared toward student interests, accessing content standards through interests rather than “drill and kill” memorization.

Small class sizes and individualized attention

Allows for teachers to make personal connections with their students.

Parent and Provider Partnership

Continuous communication and collaboration with a student’s support team both through on campus meetings, and parent portals.

Continuous Progress Monitoring

Utilizing both standardized and proficiency assessments, student achievement is continuously monitored for growth and intervention strategies.

Enrichment Activities

Music, art, PE, and student requested enrichment happen on a daily basis. Additional enrichment activities are derived around the student interests each semester.

Community Service Projects

Students chose a charity to give their time, talent, and treasure to in our community.

Middle School Grades 6 to 8 for Special Needs Education in Marin
Middle School Grades 6 to 8 for Special Needs Education in Marin
Middle School Grades 6 to 8 for Special Needs Education in Marin
Special Education School in Marin