Music and Social Skills

Music and Social Skills Summer Camp

More information to come

Ages: 5-11 years old

All children 5

TIME: 9:00-1:00

$450 a week

Week 1:  TBD

Week 2: TBD

Week 3:  TBD

Students will focus on:

  • Embracing challenges
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Frustration tolerance
  • Friendship making skills
  • Self-expression
  • Self-regulation
  • Perspective taking
  • Reading verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Group participation


Additional Benefits:

  • Initial intake and goal setting with parents by school director.
  • Each student will receive a social skills booklet with visuals, systems, and strategies for self-regulation, friendship making skills, and the daily social skills lesson.
  • Daily written notes from each social skills instructor about child’s engagement.
  • Please complete and return the admissions forms to All Children Academics

Summer Camp Admissions Forms