Specialist Pull-Outs

2014-3686 croppedAs early intervention experts, All Children Academics knows the importance of combining therapies to help children reach their ultimate potential. Included in your child’s day are the following programs, led by our team of specialists and therapists.

Social Thinking: Our social skills experts work with students individually, as well as in designed groups, to target specific areas of social thinking.  All Children Academics follows the treatment framework and curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner to improve students’ social skills abilities. Additional curriculums include The Zones of Regulation, Kimochis and Superflex.

Music: All Children Academics is delighted to offer our students the expertise of the talented music therapists at Bay Area Music Therapy. These highly trained music therapists work with students to address their emotional, social, physical and psychological needs. Music sessions support students’ creativity, self-expression and self-empowerment.

Specialists-Kids-on-rock-wallOccupational Therapy: Our on-site occupational therapist provides students with the tools they need to be successful both in the classroom and on the playground. All Children Academics students develop self-regulation techniques, learning strategies and effective ways to process their environment. Our therapist works with students in accordance with their individualized needs, targeting their gross and fine motor development.

Yoga: Yoga is a natural way to exercise with children. It helps them relax, focus and develop body awareness and motor planning skills, while strengthening the connection between their bodies, minds and spirits. Yoga is an effective intervention and self-help skill for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism.

IMG_1641Cooking and Gardening: Cooking is a basic skill for daily living. In addition to learning a valuable life skill, culinary therapy addresses children’s sensory awareness and improves their social skills, executive functioning, time management, balance and coordination, while giving them a sense of accomplishment. All Children Academics grows a rich outdoor garden, which is dependent on the nurturing of little hands. Our students actively participate in life cycles, culinary therapy and social gatherings around a meal.