4th & 5th Grade Combination Class

Our private 4th/5th grade combination class provides a unique approach to learning for the hands-on learner who enjoys being out of the classroom and engaged in discovery.  Our dynamic approach, relies heavily on community based involvement, field trips, hikes, and social engagement.  Our students spend multiple hours a week off campus; hiking, visiting libraries, museums, and participating in extra curricular activities such as; art and music classes, swimming classes and yoga.

Student’s learn academics in accordance to the California academic content standards utilizing; nature, museums, and exhibits to bring learning to real life. Each student is provided with an IPAD where they learn to do research, type, and document their learning through pictures, videos, and narratives.  Students receive specialist pull-outs for reading, social thinking, and self regulation on a weekly basis.

Additional costs for field trip admissions, library cards, etc… is required.

Please contact us for current tuition and rates.

Daily Schedule: 8:30-3:00   (Please note the day is longer than younger students)