4th & 5th Grade Combination Class

Our 4th/5th grade combination class provides a unique approach for the hands-on, engaged learner, who enjoys investigation, discovery, complimented with traditional learning.  Our dynamic approach, relies heavily on community based involvement; field trips, expert presenters, connections with the environment, and social engagement.  Our students spend multiple hours a week off campus; engaged in scientific exploration, visiting museums, hiking, giving back to the community and participating in extra curricular activities such as: art, music, science, PE, mindfulness and yoga.

geckosStudent’s are presented with traditional learning in math and language arts in accordance to the California academic content standards.  Teachers use a variety of curriculums to meet each student where they are at, and teach from there for advancement.  Most students have advanced academic abilities in one area, and need remediation in another.  To keep our highly animated group excited about learning, we use nature, museums, and exhibits to bring learning to real life. Student’s are driven by their distinct interests in science and social studies to do research, present oral presentations, build models, type reports and document their learning through pictures, videos, and narratives.  Students receive specialist pull-outs for academic remediation, social thinking, and self regulation on a weekly basis, or as needed.

waterStudent’s in our oldest classroom are advanced learners in many aspects, but still need a small environment that supports their sensory needs and anxiety.  They have a great deal of knowledge on their specific interests, and teachers use that passion to produce meaningful, and content standard based projects.  Students that once struggled with anxiety, become our key presenters! Student’s in this classroom are learners who excel in a small group, that is highly focused, with curriculum aimed to meet their learning style.  These students enjoy learning from experts  (and challenging their knowledge) in the science and mathematical fields, and are great builders.


hikeAdditional costs for field trip admissions, library cards, etc…

Please contact us for current tuition and rates.

Daily Schedule: 8:15-2:30, Friday 2pm dismissal

(Please note the day is longer than younger students)