2nd-3rd Grade Combination Class

Our 2nd/3rd grade combination class maintains consistency and structure throughout its daily schedule with the flexibility of teaching to students different learning styles.

Teachers use a combination of project-based learning, math and ELA content standard based curriculum, one-on-one tutoring for individualized remediation, and accelerated learning opportunities for gifted learners. Teachers differentiate both curriculum and instruction, so each student receives an education that fits.

RosieStudents are active participants in their own their learning.  By focusing on student interests, teachers are able to derive meaningful projects, reports, and active participation in science and social studies. This hands-on classroom provides ample opportunities for mathematical investigation, discovery in science, and connections with animals and the environment.

chiken 2

In addition to academics students continue to develop social and emotional maturity by focusing on social thinking, emotional regulation, executive functioning skills, and self-advocacy skills. Academic creativity, mixed with California content standards, allows each child to achieve at a self-driven pace, meeting their individual and grade level goals.


Serves eight to ten students with two to three educators.

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