LocationWe found All Children Academics on a walk in our Grandma’s neighborhood. We didn’t know such a program existed that could provide a special education for our 4-year-old with speech and language impairment. Our son had attempted many other Preschools and Daycares, but none of them were able to give him what he needed. Our son requires patience, attention and teachers who understand that, cognitively, he is very bright, but is just unable to express himself. When we met Shana, she understood our son immediately. She respected him and treated him as the uniquely talented individual that he is. My husband and I sat with Shana for over two hours, determining the ins and outs of what he needed. Shana followed through on every aspect that we talked about. She gave us daily, weekly and monthly reports/updates when we nervous parents requested them. She connected with our family on a personal level and gave us hope that our son would be okay in a classroom. We are satisfied that our son’s language needs are being met and that he is learning social skills and school academics. The program is very child-centered, and my son comes home and takes a nap everyday. I can tell that he has been learning and working hard. My husband and I highly recommend All Children Academics. For the first time, our son wants to go to school, has friends and even tells us about his day. 
4-year-old son
Update: This now seven-year-old boy just completed first grade in a general education classroom. Mom reports that he is on the soccer team, is reading and is happy. 

2014-4197Shana was recommended to us by a family friend whose older son attended ACA years ago. My son has had difficultly in preschools and is misunderstood. The teachers at All Children Academics appreciated my son’s quirky ways and worked with him on adjusting his challenging behaviors. Since I am a working mom, I am unable to check in at pick up about how the day went. With a child like mine, I need the daily report to know if our behavior program is working. Shana recognized my need for communication and set up a weekly phone call for us to discuss his week. I used to try to cram a week’s worth of information in at drop off, and Shana decided to execute the weekly phone call. I look forward to this phone call as I feel it is my therapy. Shana allows me to vent and ask her questions. I wasn’t able to get this parental support at our previous schools. I feel that both my son and I are being taken care of.  
3-year-old son
Update: This now five-year-old boy is about to graduate Kindergarten at his neighborhood school. Transitioning to a less structured classroom was challenging for him at first, but with our strong behavior plan and classroom teacher consult, he is succeeding.

2014-4517Both of my children attend All Children Academics. My son attends as a child with ADHD, and my daughter attends as a role model. Having two children less than a year apart in age is complicating, and adding one with ADHD can make for sibling problems. My son works on both social pragmatics and academics. He loves the way that academics are set up in an active way. The teachers use multiple ways to get my son to get through his homework and study. He is an active kid and they work with it instead of fighting it. My daughter is lovely but can get really frustrated with her brother. Shana did a weekend role model group where she trained my daughter and other children on how to be a good friend and kind sibling. My daughter wants to go every time that my son does, and she forgets that her brother is there for help. She has made valuable friendships with the other students and has learned to be more patient with her brother. I appreciate that my son is around both children like himself and role model children. I think Shana does a good job matching kids up in groups and keeping role models in each class. I recommend All Children Academics for families like ours who have more than one child and can use sibling support.
8-year-old son & 7-year-old daughter

2014-4362We have been very pleased with our experience at All Children Academics. Our daughter goes to school and summer camp. I heard about the program through a mother’s group post and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about it before. We have been in a couple of different social skills groups, but they weren’t enough to support her in the classroom. We don’t have that problem anymore. I know when I drop her off at the door that the teachers can handle any misunderstanding she may have throughout the day, and I won’t be judged at pick-up time. We were already familiar with the social skills language, so we were able to jump right into the class. My daughter can be stuck in her own thoughts and the teachers work with her on being “flexible.” The most important factor is that our daughter is happy. She loves the teachers, has made friends and has a place that is her own. Forming friendships has been a challenge for us, but now my daughter has multiple friends and goes on play dates. We are happy with every aspect! 
5-year-old girl