How To Apply

1. Request or Download an Application for Admission
Applications can be downloaded online here. Interested parents can also call or email our office to request an application. Once completed, please email or mail your application to ACA with a $75.00 application fee. Application fees cover a phone consultation, parent tour, child observation and a visit for your child.

Summer applications do not require a fee, but they do require a deposit.

2. Schedule a Phone Consultation with ACA’s Director
After an admissions application is received, ACA’s Director will schedule a 45-minute phone consultation with interested parents to determine the next steps in the admissions process.

3. Schedule a Tour & Conduct A Parent Interview
Our regularly scheduled tours are slated for the first and last Tuesday of every month. Tours to view the classrooms will be brief as to not to disrupt student learning. Parents are invited to speak with the Director after the tour.

4. Child Observation
After you have met our team and visited our campus, All Children Academics will request permission to meet your child in their current academic or playgroup setting. For children who are not currently enrolled in a program, we will coordinate a home visit or a play date.

5. Have Your Child Visit
Children are invited to participate in a three-hour visit after steps one through four have been completed.

6. Complete ACA Contract & Make Your Deposit
Congrats! Let the learning begin.