Shana Gaviglio Kenney  

Owner/Program Director

Shana is a Marin County native with a dual teaching credential, including an Education Specialist Credential from Dominican University. Before founding All Children Academics, Shana worked in Bay Area public and private schools as an Educational Specialist teaching children from PreK through 5th grade. Shana spent many years preparing for All Children Academics by working and volunteering in many different educational settings. With much confidence and preparation, it was eventually time to venture off into owning and operating her own private school. The beginnings of All Children Academics started in a granny unit, in back of Shana’s home, on a 1/2 acre of land. Many of Shana’s current students followed her to her new program, leaving traditional schooling behind. Shana’s high energy, never-tiring nature and creative teaching philosophy attracted many new students to the purposefully small school. Shana kept designing, implementing and recreating new teaching materials and learning modalities, as well as developing a model for educating the whole child. Within no time, Shana was soon remodeling an old building in the Dominican neighborhood and designing it as the permanent home for All Children Academics.

As an educator and dreamer, Shana has always been an out-of-the-box thinker. She believes in pushing the limits and standards to improve each child’s education and each teachers abilities. Shana maintains the integrity of All Children Academics as a program where children’s interests guide learning, resources are provided to each child so they can be successful, and teachers teach to each individual child’s learning style.  Shana values her talented team of teachers and believes in current trainings, updated curriculums and modeling best practices. Shana’s ability to create close bonds and relationships with families is her most unique and valued characteristic. Anytime – day or night, weekend or holiday – you can find Shana at All Children Academics. She is always gardening, painting, creating new learning centers, designing curriculums or a new outdoor play area, or just enjoying the peaceful campus. Shana can often be seen out and about with her dog, Jagger, and daughter Emma.

 Miss Cathy

4th/5th Grade Teacher

Personal Emphasis: Reading Specialist, Differentiated Instruction, Math and Science Labs

Cathy Headshot

Miss Cathy comes to ACA with over 15 years of teaching in traditional elementary  school classrooms, private tutoring, and helping students meet IEP goals. Cathy’s extensive experience in education allows her to reach our variety of learners through multiple modalities. Cathy is the head teacher of our oldest students, she excels at working with her students to advance them in reading, writing, and verbal expression.  Cathy’s calm nature makes learning safe and enjoyable for her students.  Cathy and her husband can often be seen around town with her two daughters and their busy sports schedule.

Miss Kathryn

Kindergarten/1st Grade Head Teacher
Personal Emphasis: GLAD teaching methods, Project Based Learning and  Social SkillsKathryn Headshot

Kathryn enters her fifth year at ACA as the K/1 head teacher. Kathryn holds an early childhood education permit with a focus on children 3-7 years old. Kathryn excels at project based curriculum and the production of quality work from her students.  The masterpieces her students make are life long keepsakes.  Kathryn is well versed in educating her students in the Zones of Regulation, Kimochis, Michelle Garcia Winners Social Thinking, ABA (including feeding therapy) and Floortime. Kathryn uses the GLAD teaching method to reach her students by delivering academic content and language, while using an integrated literacy approach.

Kathryn brings a soft confidence when working with children, engaging them in literature, academics and imaginative play. When Kathryn is not busy with her husband and dog, Roo, she is buried in a book, or in the kitchen baking any and all things sweet and tasty.

Miss Rosie

Head Classroom Teacher: 2nd/3rd Grade
Personal Emphasis: Gross and Fine Motor Groups, Positive Behavior Plans & Academic Creativity.

Miss Rosie continues to show her passion in the classroom by constantly advancing her education and trainings. Rosie has been dedicated to developing and learning new techniques to positively influence class participation, self-esteem, and social emotional development. Rosie brings a strong passion for the importance of motor development and kinesthetics in the classroom. Rosie’s skills benefit students in providing them with increased movement through simple and thoughtful techniques from programs like Brain Gym. Through Rosie’s powerful teachings, students benefit from increased visual, auditory, and language skills. Rosie’s commitment to social and emotional development and positive behavior plans, maintain consistency and positive behavior replacement. Rosie’s dedication and commitment to her students is evident in her non-stop learning and updates in the classroom. When Rosie isn’t teaching, you can find her at a Giant’s game, teaching volleyball, and enjoying her family.


Miss Jessica

Jessica HeadshotCommunity Involvement & Social Skills Instructor
Personal Emphasis: Community Projects and Service, Field Trips, and Group Involvement

Miss Jessica sees each student as an unique individual and tailors activities and engagement to meet their individualized needs and interests.  Jessica encourages her students to express themselves through multiple modalities; art, music and written expression.  Jessica uses field trips to engage her students in hands on learning on a weekly basis.  Jessica is a gem.  Her ability to connect with each of her students and allow for different personalities to shine is truly a gift.



 Miss Alonna

Social Skills Instructor
Personal Emphasis: Social Pragmatics, ABA, Son Rise Technique, Art & Kinestetics

Miss Alonna is in her 4th year at ACA as our Social Skills Instructor.  Alonna is currently completing her degree to become a Speech and Language Pathologist.  Alonna’s strong background in Behavioral Therapy, shows in her treatment of students using the son rise program, ABA, and social and emotional development. Alonna brings a strong kinesthetic and motor background, using her strengths as a swim instructor, yoga instructor, and avid hiker. Alonna’s teachings include expressive art therapy which she uses as a great way to connect and engage with children allowing them another “language” to express themselves.  Alonna has a sweet and calm demeanor, with ever lasting patience, and creative teachings.


adair Miss Adair

Instructional Assistant

Miss Adair comes to us as a gift.  She brings a multitude of skills, knowledge and experience with children of all ages.  Miss Adair has the ability to connect with any child or animal.  Miss Adair’s positive energy fills a room and brightens a child’s day.  Miss Adair is present in every moment.  She appreciates, and divulges herself in children and best educational practices.

Mr. Ian

Instructional Assistantian

Mr. Ian is our ever most popular male teacher.  He has a soft presence and has been an advocate for teaching children how to care for animals.  Mr. Ian relates to all students, from PreK to 5th grade, and is always the teacher students ask for!